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Company Profile  
    Changzhou Spirit Drying and Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd is engaged in drying equipment and pharmaceutical machnery research , development and manufacture of professional maufactures.The company is located in the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan water, industrial star city chanhzhou, located in the hinterland of shanghai,Ning Economic Development Zone,pleasant climate, the transportation is convenient.Holy spint,is the current domestic production of drying equipment drying more varieties and specifications of the whole.
   Holy spint ,dry Granulating Equipment Co., Ltd.Changzhou absorbs the foreign advanced and experience over the years,strictly in accordannce with the requirements of industry related design,development ,production, installation and service as a whole,to ensure product quality. In the development of drying equipment, continuous innovation and transformation,the design and manufacture a series of advanced technology and energy-saving products And according to the needs of the market developed dozens of drying, granulating, mixing, dust series,, .. ……
Service commitment  

  1, pre-sale:
   To establish the use of archives, contact with customers, and introduce the technology and equipment of the factory.,
   To understand the user needs, recommend appropriate equipment,
   2, the sale of:
   Provide the user related drawings, technical information, coordinate the installation and construction of the user equipment to the user
   Production speed, quality of production.
   3, after sale:
   The user sent to guide the installation, commissioning until delivery.



Dryer Serie
Granulators Series
Mixer Series
Grinder Series
Sieving Series
Special dryer
Laboratory equipment series
Extraction of enrichment
Evaporation distillation
multi-effect waste water evaporator
Contact Us  

   Add:Jiaoxi Town Changzhou ,Jangsu
   E-mail:[email protected]
   Mob:13901507918 18796963108

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